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The Band Of Gunjan

Based in Delhi, DJ Gunjan Sharma is one of the prominent DJs in the city. His musical journey started when he was 16 years old. Music being his passion, performance skills came to him naturally. As a young budding artist, he started performing for his friends at private parties. Seeing the success of his work he was confident that it was time for him to make a career out of music. So DJ Gunjan Sharma started off with not just music, but also with events to get better with his organizational skills. Over the years, he has matured as India's Most Versatile Artist. He knows all the tricks to make people groove for hours at your wedding with his vibrant performance.


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Other Events

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Gunjan Sharma

Gunjan Sharma has a work experience of making people groove to his tunes at various events and weddings. Furthermore, he also has worked with some big names of the music industry. Indeed, practice makes a man perfect and that is what DJ Gunjan Sharma exactly is.

The Band Of Gunjan
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Team of 7

Hotel Leela, Gurugram
Hotel Taj Convention, Agra

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