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The climate of Dubai, the most populous of the United Arab Emirates, is subtropical desert, with very mild or pleasantly warm winters, and scorchingly hot summers, when the combination of temperature and humidity makes the heat really oppressive. In fact, in summer, the wind usually blows directly from the sea, bringing moisture from the Persian Gulf.


Wedding Months

As the weather is subtropical desert, winters is a great time to host your wedding. Even in summers, you can go for indoor venues like banquets and ballrooms inside major hotels. If you are fond of the outside, then plan your wedding in the Winter season.


A typical 2 night destination wedding with 100 rooms will cost you around 70 - 80 Lakhs if you go for a best agra wedding venues or  5 star Hotel. It drops to around 55 Lakhs in case of a decent 4 Star. This cost is all inclusive with events and decorations covered. Wedding venues in Dubai have a vary from 2 star to Premium 5 Star Hotels.


All major hotels in Dubai are scattered. You have an option to go for a beach hotel or a Hotel in the city where you can enjoy grand views and grand ball rooms. Dubai offers a variety of locations in which the hotels are located. 

Destination Wedding in Dubai

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