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Destination Wedding in Agra


The climate of Agra features a semi-arid climate that borders on a humid subtropical climate. The city features mild winters, hot and dry summers and a monsoon season. The monsoon, though substantial in Agra, is not quite as heavy as the monsoon in other parts of India.

Wedding Months

As the climate is semi-arid, the city features mild winters. hot and dry summers and a monsoon season, We would recommend you to avoid the rainy season for weddings i.e., June - August. Weddings generally starts from Mid-October and go on till April . Best months are Noveber to February


A typical 2 night destination wedding with 100 rooms will cost you around 40 - 50 Lakhs if you go for a best agra wedding venues or  5 star Hotel. It drops to around 35 Lakhs in case of a decent 4 Star. This cost is all inclusive with events and decorations covered. Wedding venues in Agra have a vary from 2 star to Premium 5 Star Hotels.


We recommend you to plan your wedding in Wedding Venues side of Taj Mahal. It is peaceful and calm. Nearly all 5 Star properties are in beside Taj Mahal except a few. As in destination wedding, you generally do not get the time for outdoor excursions, hence we recommend beside Taj Mahal. 

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