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Responsibility, Sustainability, Community at Rayavadee

Rayavadee is nestled in the heart of Krabi's picturesque Phranang Peninsula, bordering the Krabi Marine National Park, a region celebrated for its natural splendor, diverse flora and fauna, and thriving marine ecosystem. Over two decades ago, when the resort was built, the vision was to coexist harmoniously with this unique environment. During the construction, great care was taken to preserve the existing trees, with none being cut down, allowing the accommodation to seamlessly blend with the surrounding nature. This approach ensured that the habitat of the area's abundant bird and animal species remained undisturbed. Moreover, the resort follows eco-friendly practices to minimize its impact on the environment, with a particular focus on sustainable water and waste management and energy efficiency.

As tourism in Krabi rapidly developed and visitor numbers surged in recent years, maintaining this delicate balance has become an increasingly significant challenge. Consequently, Rayavadee's commitment to environmental sustainability and active involvement in the local community have grown stronger. The resort actively engages in beach cleaning, mangrove planting, and marine life repopulation initiatives. Additionally, Rayavadee takes pride in being a founding member of the Enlive Foundation, established in 2009 to foster collaboration among governmental agencies, local businesses, and community members in safeguarding Krabi's fragile ecosystem.

Rayavadee is part of the Premier Group of Companies, and their unwavering dedication extends to their staff, the community, and the less fortunate in society. The resort actively supports charitable causes and annually allocates a portion of its profits to initiatives like Pan Kan, Food4Good, and the Yuvabhadhana children's scholarship fund, all of which are company-run charitable organizations. To gain deeper insights into Rayavadee's values and principles of sustainable business practices, we invite you to explore this page further.

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