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When your soul searches for nourishment, the universe answers with wonder. One such place is the elemental Thar Desert, a place of freedom and of discovery with a calming silence around, and the starry heavens above.

And Suryagarh is our lens through which the magic of the Thar unfurls; a fabled world that is sparse yet holds remarkable splendour, where the frugality of its resources offers the greatest richness.

This is our home, now your home, both humble and extraordinary, with its secret stories of land and tribe, a place where fantasy and reality are intertwined. Here, we do not serve we share the gifts bestowed upon us and we do it with a lightness of spirit; with play and joy because it is the only way we know.

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Decor Policy

Liquor Policy

Outside decorators permitted

In house alcohol available, Outside alcohol not permitted

NOVEX,PPL &Liquor license required

DJ Policy

In house DJ not available , Outside DJ permitted

Catering Policy

Inhouse catering only


Event Venues



The Lake Garden comes alive at night with twinkling lights that create a magical nightscape of stars

ShaadiOverseas also plans weddings for their clients across the globe. The process involves trusting us to manage your event with our set of experienced wedding service providers who are best suite for the venue and city. For Queries, you can connect via email : ot call us at

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