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Safa for Barati provides all types of turbans for Indian weddings and other traditional ceremonies. We have a team of designers, fashion researchers and the tailors who are fully capable of constructing fashionable turbans for our clients. We have a plethora of types in this. For example, we have Rajasthani, Floral , Jodhpur and other types that are available for sale. We also provide turbans rent. This is for the people who do not need it further but need pagris just for an occasion. This cuts the unnecessary investment. We also provide the ‘pagri bandhne wala’. Many rituals in Indian weddings need a ‘pagri’ to be built and wore by the groom on the spot. For this purpose, we have ‘ bandhne wala’.

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Yash Oberoi

Yash Oberoi

Yash Oberoi

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