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My safa wala

We, “”designer and manufacturers of pagdi, safas, and turbans for all your exclusive occasions. All our designs are completely unique and one of a kind.From straightforward turbans to opulent ones, we have it all. Our products include: barati turbans, groom turbans, pagdis of all the diverse Indian Cultures and other accessories.

What's more? Our turban tying service will help you done it beautifullu. And, you can make use of our services in both India(all states) and abroad. Tying the perfect turban can be a tedious task. We are the designers and suppliers of pagdi, safas, turbans. From jodhpuri-safa Turban to you can enjoy our servicesall overseas. Whether you are a baarati or a groom, your turban needs will be satisfied only with ""

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Rajeev Mukul

Rajeev Mukul

Rajeev Mukul

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