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A dynamic vocalist and songwriter known for her emotive performances and powerful stage presence. With her unique voice and heartfelt songwriting, Babita leads the band with passion and authenticity.From intimate acoustic sets to energetic live performances, Babita Band captivates audiences with their infectious energy and genuine connection with the music. Their songs resonate with listeners, touching on themes of love, life, and the human experience.

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About The Founders


Babita Jain Jhanjhari is a singer known for her performances in devotional and spiritual music genres, particularly in India. She specializes in singing bhajans and devotional songs dedicated to various Hindu deities. Babita Jain Jhanjhari's music often carries a traditional touch, and she has gained recognition among audiences interested in religious and spiritual music.

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Indian fusion

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel and perform internationally ?


Are you an Independent Band or managed by an Agency ?

How many artists generally perform in your band during a gig ?

Which countries have you recently performed in ?

Does your band hold Visas for any country ?


What is the standard length of performance in case of a wedding gig ?

90-120 mins

Do you perform for corporate events as well ?


Staring price of minimum band strength, for an International Event ?

Staring price of minimum band strength, for an event in your Country ?


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