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Malhotra Sisters

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Malhotra Sisters Band are siblings who share an unbreakable bond both on and off stage. Their chemistry is palpable, infusing every note they play with an extra layer of depth and emotion. With a musical style that spans genres from folk to indie rock to pop, their sound is as eclectic as it is captivating.Individually, each sister brings her own unique flair to the mix. From the soulful vocals of one to the intricate guitar melodies of the other, their talents complement and elevate each other, creating a synergy that is truly magical to behold.

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About The Founders

Malhotra Sisters

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Inception & Experience

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Artist by Nature

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Music Genres

folk, indie rock, pop,

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel and perform internationally ?


Are you an Independent Band or managed by an Agency ?

How many artists generally perform in your band during a gig ?

8 members

Which countries have you recently performed in ?

Does your band hold Visas for any country ?


What is the standard length of performance in case of a wedding gig ?

90-120 mins

Do you perform for corporate events as well ?


Staring price of minimum band strength, for an International Event ?

Staring price of minimum band strength, for an event in your Country ?


Are you associated with Bar/Club/ Hotel  for frequent performances?


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