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At the heart of Swarag Fusion Band's music is a celebration of cultural diversity and musical innovation. With each performance, they take audiences on a mesmerizing journey through rhythmic patterns, melodic improvisations, and dynamic arrangements that transcend genres and borders.

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About The Founders


Swaraag is an Indo-Western Fusion band based in Rajasthan, India[1] known for its traditional Rajasthani as well as western music.[2][3] It comes from Swa-self, raag-raga.[4] The band is founded by Arif Khan and Pratap Singh in 2014. The traditional music instruments such as Khartal-Morchang and Zitar make the band unique. They gained fame through his various live performances.[

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Sufi Fusion

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel and perform internationally ?


Are you an Independent Band or managed by an Agency ?

How many artists generally perform in your band during a gig ?

10 Members

Which countries have you recently performed in ?

Does your band hold Visas for any country ?


What is the standard length of performance in case of a wedding gig ?

120-150 mins

Do you perform for corporate events as well ?


Staring price of minimum band strength, for an International Event ?

Staring price of minimum band strength, for an event in your Country ?


Are you associated with Bar/Club/ Hotel  for frequent performances?


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