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Amrit Wadali

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In his performances, whether on stage or through recordings, Amrit Wadali exudes a captivating charisma and authenticity that resonates with audiences worldwide. His renditions of Sufi poetry are imbued with deep emotion and spirituality, transporting listeners to a realm of transcendence and inner reflection.

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About The Founders

Amrit Wadali

Amrit Wadali is a renowned Indian vocalist, known for his contribution to the Sufi music genre. He belongs to the famous Wadali musical family, where music runs in the blood. However, specific information about Amrit Wadali as a founder of a band is not readily available in my current dataset.The Wadali Brothers, Puranchand Wadali and Pyarelal Wadali, were the founders of the iconic Wadali Band. They were known for their soulful renditions of Sufi music and had a significant influence on the Indian music scene.

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Sufi music, deeply rooted in the mystical traditions of Punjab.

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120-150 mins

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