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Party Planet Events Pvt Ltd

At Party Planet, flawless execution of theme planner kids birthdays be they big or small, are the cornerstone of the company policy. As circumstance demands, they are sometimes kids party birthday organised with flamboyance, sometimes with muted elegance, but always with panache and an intuitive grasp of the party.

Over the last 13 years, Party Planet has set precedents in impeccable planning and immaculate execution of every client′s specific vision. The repertoire for kids currently spans the spectrum of celebration, from birthday’s party planners – both small and large in scope and scale – to carnivals and children′s parties that range from cozy affairs to kids birthday party theme-based celebrations designed particularly for the enjoyment and entertainment of the crowd. With a distinctive talent for the unusual and the capability to organize events of any scale, Party Planet has the unique knack of customising its services to client requirements.

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Meghna Chitaliya

Meghna Chitaliya

It is a universally acknowledged truth that behind every successful company is the hand of a creative, committed visionary. Meghna Chitalia, the frontrunner, founder, the be all and end all of Party Planet, bears testimony to the fact, having transformed this venture she single-handedly set up into a name to reckon with. Persevering and determined, with a particular passion for planning the perfect event, Meghna garnered rich organisational experience at previously held, management-level jobs before setting up Party Planet.

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The 13-year journey has seen the company move from strength-to-strength and become a familiar name in the event management milieu, meeting important landmarks along the way and carving out a significant place in a highly competitive industry with its versatile clientele, persevering staff and Meghna′s inspiring vision.


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Do you provide services throughout the country ?


What are the Themes on which do did your recent event ?

ABC Theme, Around the world, Butterfly World

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